Children of the 21st century are often exposed to computers before they learn to read and write. It is therefore important that children are exposed to, and understand, the importance of safe ‘cyber habits.’ A consortium goal is to perform outreach to K-12 schools, providing students with age-appropriate discussions on the importance of good cyber habits. Outreach may occur through visits to classrooms as well as through short videos created by institutions that can be uploaded to popular video sharing websites to maximize dissemination.
Camps and Clubs
The implementation of a Dual System of Education in America will truly insure "no child" is "left behind". Disengagement from the educational process will become nearly impossible for those students who in the past found education “boring”. These students will be given the opportunity to discover their passion adding the missing link of practical application to the theory, the lack of which created the “boredom” in the first place. The "why?" will now become evident to the student through hands-on practical application of theory.
Daytona State College, in concert with the Air Force Association, and the Florida Cyber Alliance, hold an annual cybercamp for high school students in Central Florida. CTEF is holding multiple cybercamp and cyberclub activities in high schools throughout the Florida region. Additionally, state leads are expected to hold cybercamps and cyberclubs in their respective states.

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Curriculum was developed with a targeted audience in mind, for example, curriculum for high school students was developed for more mature students than junior high or elementary school students. All curricula include a hands-on component so that students are better able to grasp and apply the concepts, and hopefully are more engaged.
Dual enrollment
Every course offered through our train-the-trainer program has the capability of being offered at an associate’s level. This allows students that choose to complete their first year or two of college while in high school the opportunity to get hands on training in the fields of cybersecurity and cyberforensics. By starting earlier, this allows ample time throughout their traditional college career timeline to complete various internships that are the key to transitioning into the workforce.
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